Portsmouth, Vermont, NYC and beyond! (sorta)

Hey folks!

It’s been some time but we are about to be in full swing again with shows here and we are looking forward to it! Firstly if you are in the Seacoast area you will want to snag your tickets to the July 29th show at The Music Hall Loft where we’ll be opening for Mikaela Davis. Check out this sick arrangement of Sufjan Steven’s Chicago 

Before that date though come hang at Sonny’s on July 16th for locals night in Dover.

For all you VT bodies we’ll be journeying to Bellows Falls to play at the happening new Flat Iron Exchange on July 25th. Hanging out with Mark and Jana is always a blast and the coffee/atmosphere is nothing short of excellent. Then on July 26th it’s off to the Radio Bean in Burlington, one of our favorite places ever.

On July 30th we return to NYC to The Bowery Electric which we are uber excited to be playing. Then more more more in August including the Seacoast Congress of Sound (AHHHH so excited) but that my dearies is for another post.

Natalie Cressman CD Release Show

We are so thrilled to be playing Natalie Cressman’s cd release next Thursday at Church of Boston. Get your tickets now because word on the street is that this is going to be a freakin awesome show. 

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RPM Challenge Day 7

The RPM Challenge continues - 5 songs written, one recorded (sorta - a rough anyway). The cool thing about writing a whole bunch of new stuff in a month is that you have to lay aside any prejudices you may have against certain sounds and really explore them. Makes for a change in style and voice that’s refreshing. (Also by nature of being at the keyboard in our small apartment a lot and thus near Joe’s constant tapping the songs are more inclined towards his beatz - which is sweet.)

Like we said earlier, we’re using this challenge as a means to both create some new material and dive head-first into home recordings. We’re not going to gear-crazy, but a quality microphone was definitely necessary to get good vocals and it’s pretty beautiful:

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So we are doing the RPM Challenge wherein we attempt to write and record an album in the month of February! Yay for self-induced pain. (Just kidding, this will be fun.) This is of course Day 3 being the third day of February. Days one and two consisted of lots of humming.

We’re three songs in (written - not recorded), so we are faring ok on the writing front. As recordist we are total NOOBS so we are taking this opportunity to dive head-first into home-recordings. Speaking of fellow RPMers and general musicians may be interested in this Skillshare class that Joe is taking presented by Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton. The info is super hands-on, practical and well presented.

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